I'm in the Market for a good used 30+ KW Generator --- Where Do I Start?

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    I own a flooring company working predominantly in Polished Concrete and Resinous Coatings, 480 - 3phase 30 amp power requirement for 8-10 hours per day while commercial grinding polishing machine runs - there are often 5-10 minutes turn offs and lunch, so I dont Need 10hrs straight.

    I'm often am able to tap in to commercial properties power supply, but I do not have enough power for me, so I'm stuck renting. I'm thinking of buying a trailer mounted generator, but I want to spend less than 8k if possible for a strong used generator.
    How long can I expect a well maintained 30+ KW generator to run --- Hours wise I mean?

    Any Suggestions on Millitary Gen Sets and / or specific brands for my needs?
    Please Help.
    I did not find the right solution from the internet.
    - http://www.powerequipmentforum.com/...od-used-30-kw-generator-where-do-i-start.html
    - Landing page explainer video

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